What is your CURRENT commission rate?


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So, I am a new part-time driver (been 1 week now) with 40 trips. I am curious if I am the only one getting shafted with a ridiculous commission rate... (Without including the SRF in overall fare)

Could we start a thread on how much people are coughing over to Uber?

1. Type of Uber (UberX, UberXL, UberSelect, etc.)
2. Start Date
3. Number of trips per week
4. Commission Rate (20%, 25%, 28%, etc.)

So.. for me:
1. UberSelect
2. 1/15/16
3. 40
4. 28%

I read an article that said Uber was testing a tiered commission system (ie: 1st 20 trips, 2nd 20 trips, more than 40)

For me, it does not seem like there was any change between my first 20 and my second 20... am I just getting a flat 28% across the board?


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Yep. They're robbing the new drivers blind with higher percentages and lower fares.
20% X
28% XL/Select

They don't deserve any more from the drivers based on the platform. If insurance is the risk, they should raise the SRF from the pax...not the driver percentage.