What is your cell phone carrier?

John shot

What areas in CT do you work, how is the coverage. I have verizon and it works everywhere but is very expensive. T-mobile is about one half the cost with more data. Thinking about switching because of the high price,doesn't have to necessarily be t mobile though. Looking for price and great coverage. Suggestions?


I use the ZTE ZMax Pro on an unlimited talk, text and unlimited data plan for $60 a month on a MetroPCS plan. Never lost a signal, never runs out of data and it's a non contractual phone.


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I use T-mobile...good price lousy coverage. It works well in high population areas but not so well away from the cities.
I use AT&T. I switched last year from Verizon and it was a mistake. It's a little cheaper but the coverage is not as good at all.