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What is the rule of multiple stops?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by aarondavid1010, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. I assume you dont have to do more than one and that has to be one the way? I assume alot of people do what the rider asks but its point a to b. They are supposed to put in seperate destinations at least right?

    My first ride was a stop but was put in as a seperate destination and ended up being good trip. But someone doing several trips making you wait.. nope
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  2. If they don't put it in as a stop, I see no reason why we have to do it. I usually do, but I know a lot of people on here would refuse. They even cancel when they see stops at certain kinds of places. Stops do have to be limited to three minutes.
  3. UberBeemer

    UberBeemer Moderator

    NW Chicago Suburbs
    X riders can add up to 2 additional stops. Pool is a to b
  4. Z129

    Z129 Moderator


    Request a ride with multiple stops
    You can request that your driver make more than one stop within the app. Here is how:

    1. Open the Uber app and tap the "Where To?" box
    2. Tap the "+" to the right of the box
    3. Tap "Add a Stop" to add your first destination
    4. Tap "Add a Stop" if you wish to add a second stop
    Note: You can only add 2 extra stops
    5. Tap "Save"

    Stops will be made in the order they are added. To remove one of your destinations, tap the "X."

    Remember to keep each stop under 3 minutes. Fares are subject to change.
    You may split your fare, but it will be for the entire ride, not split by the cost to each stop.

    Note: This feature is not available on uberPOOL rides.
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  5. They don't have to be along the way. I have made a stops in separate parts of town. I don't mind as the meter is running, especially on a surge. But yes when they do want to do separate stops and especially when they are out of the way, I *make them* add it to the app. CYA to avoid them trying to false report for long hauling.
  6. reg barclay

    reg barclay Moderator

    rockland/westchester NY, new jersey
    Just to understand your question better. When you say 'don't have to', what do you mean? Are you asking if Uber can deactivate the drivers' account for refusing, if the pax can sue the driver for refusing, if the pax can downrate the driver for refusing, or something else?
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  7. flyntflossy10


    the whole question needs to be rephrased
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  8. Had a rider last night that wanted to go to McDonald's. Told them to put it in as a stop AND they'd have to pay me in cash for waiting in line. And if they messed up my car I'd report a cleaning fee. Pax rerouted in the app and handed me $40. Off to McDonald's we went.
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  9. JimKE


    To me, the "rule of stops" is that "stops" are intended as pickup points for additional X riders going to the same place -- and that has been my experience most of the time. In that scenario, the pickups should be toes to the curb and usually are.

    "Stops" are not meant to be grocery/pharmacy/McDonalds stops, and IMHO a driver doesn't have to make them if you don't want to. You might get dinged on ratings, and you might get a complaint, but if it's a Walmart shopping stop I think you should be able to resolve any complaints very easily.
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  10. mark_mark


    Stop by

    Free Alex Jones
  11. That was one expensive cheeseburger!
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  12. Coachman


    I really don't have a problem with stops. It happens infrequently and usually it's just in and out pretty quickly. I tell them I can wait up to five minutes then the ride ends. I haven't had to end any.
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  13. Bbonez


    Last night I was having technical difficulties, my phone was draining battery quicker than it was charging. A little after midnight I was at 4% and a passenger wanted to stop at taco bell. Taco Bell in a college town just after midnight on a Saturday is 20+ min, I agree knowing this. I was ready for a little break and they offered to buy me dinner. We got to taco bell and I shut my phone off for a half hour while I waited. Got my phone up to 24% and was able to work the remaining of my planned shift.

    So my point is, there is no rule. Do what works best for you. Had my charger been working properly and I was not hungry, that stop would have never happened. It was a 2.88 mile 38 minute trip/break.
  14. reg barclay

    reg barclay Moderator

    rockland/westchester NY, new jersey
    I don't mean to nitpick on words here, but again I'm curious what 'doesn't have to' means? Technically we don't have to do anything. I mean theoretically, a driver can just stop a trip at any time, and tell the pax they want to go home and put their feet up. Uber isn't gonna send someone with a stick, and force them to finish the ride. The main practical question as regards stops, is what are the possible repercussions, low rating, account deactivation, legal, etc? I still don't get which one of these we're referring to when we say a driver 'doesn't have to' do them, but I guess each one needs addressing separately.
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  15. Yup. I don't play with stops. You wanna go out the way, you gonna pay. But I would've done it for $10 he offered $40 . I'm not gonna turn it down. They tried to get me some food too. Lol. These guys were drunk, hungry and didn't have anything better to do with their money. Love working in lake Geneva! They were probably in my car for 40 minutes. They jumped in and said, this is gonna be an interesting ride, and they didn't disappoint!
  16. FormerTaxiDriver♧


    "Waiting time is discretionary for the driver", says Lyft. If the pax plays stupid and starts wasting your time, then cancel the ride and put them out!
    No anchors. If stuff is left in you car, then find them inside or where ever, and give it back. Rule might be different in Canada.
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  17. As noted by others, stops are meant primarily to pickup and dropoff additional pax up along the way, not for running errands. Uber, when they rolled this feature out in the app, claimed that they informed riders that stops should be kept to know more than two mins. I highly doubt they did. You are free to cancel any ride you want, but you'll want to watch your cancellation rate cause that can get you canned. You'll also get dinged in your ratings so it's up to you how much you want to put up with. At slower times I might be more patient but still have my limits.
    My last 1-star was before Christmas, pick up a girl and the destination says Burger King. She informs me she'll have another stop from there. I decide to play things by ear. Get to BK and she wants to do the driver-thru. It's a slow time of day and the drive-thru is empty, I'll do it and downrate her later. She orders a Bacon King and is informed that it is still breakfast and she'd have to wait 10 mins, she says she'll wait. Now we have a problem! I explain to her politely that I can't wait for more than 2 mins and I could either drop her off there or take her to her destination. She protests and I still politely explain that I really only make money if I'm moving and can't sit still. She says "fine" and wants me to take here to McDonald's instead. I take her there but think to myself that she better not think I'm going to another drive-thru. Pull in and she says to let her out. We both 1-star each other and go our separate ways. I wear that 1-star as a badge of honor because I didn't allow myself to be a doormat. I feel a minor inconvenience isn't worth a down-rating but a major one that could cost you any considerable profit is every time.

    I'll also let you know that you can check for programmed stops before pickup. When you've accepted a ping hit the button on the top right-hand corner of your screen. It should show a box with your pax's name that says pickup and another like it that says dropoff. If they are using the built in stops it'll have a box in between that says stop. Being mindful of my cancellation rate I'll cancel these at peak times but take them at slow times. Doesn't catch unprogrammed stops but it helps.
  18. Ms.Doe


    Love those rides!
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  19. SuzeCB


    Do tell! LOL
  20. What would those places be ?Isnt the point that they are taking advantage making the driver wait?We aint making extra money with that garbage . Losing

    Im saying a to b means not stopping and waiting. We can cancel if too ridiculous
    40 extra? For mcdonalds?

    Thats a low fare and alot of time. Just saying . 4 dollar meal
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