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What if a driver says he's arrived but he din't?


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I'm not a driver. I'm designing an app for school, so I kinda have to know all of the possible ways for someone trying to scam, what would happen to them and how to prevent it. Also, what if a driver says he's arrived, but the rider says otherwise?


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The driver-App automagically detects arrival at pickup point using GPS and informs the rider. The driver is only obligated to wait 5 minutes for the rider to appear. After that, the driver may depart and the rider is billed a "cancellation fee". The driver may override the automatic detection. This is intended for situations when its impossible because of traffic, construction, etc. to get close enough. The override feature may be abused. If the rider complains then there is a GPS record that may be reviewed. Appropriate steps may be taken if abuse is determined.