What hours do you drive?


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I'm curious. I just got out of Portland. That city doesn't sleep. The drivers told me they work from 10 pm till 5:30 am. Lots of bars. Do you do that in your neck of the woods?


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I only drive odd numbered hours on even numbered days and even numbered hours on odd numbered days.

Today is the 21st, so I'm driving now for 10 more minutes.

Hope this helps

Of course this is specific to my time zone.

Uber Crack

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I start any time between 9-11 pm and end around 6-7 am usually Thur - Sun
But not always. If I have something on I don't or if I feel lazy or if my MOJO isn't right.
I really don't like working days. The traffic. The people are more rude. The sun is out! Ugh :eek::rolleyes:


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6-8am and 8-11pm. All day weekends or days when I’m not on call or aren’t required to be within 20 minutes away from my work.


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I usually work around noon till 7 every day but Saturday. I know it's not the best pay, but I never have to deal with annoying drunks, I feel like people are nicer, and it's a schedule that works well with my personal life.


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I drive whenever I have free time. I have found that there's always people looking for rides at all hours of the day or night.


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I found an amazing way to cut down my overhead. I sold my house and now just live in my car so that I will never miss an opportunity to be paid less then a 6 year old that sews soccer balls in Taiwan!! Not only do I save not having a mortgage, taxes, insurance and especially gas by not having to drive in from the burbs. So now I only sign out to sh.t, shower, shave, and most importantly when the Tampa Bay Lightning play at home GO BOLTS!!


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Sorry didnt hit reply on my 2nd post
The living in the car idea is out my wife said no. So I guess I'll be sticking to my 9AM to 1PM and then depending wife and daughter's schedule and the Lightning's I go back out 10PM to 3AM


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Sometime in the morning until about 3 p.m. Usually only Thursday thru Saturday. Until Summer comes back around.

El Janitor

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Whenever I can. I'm learning to no drive during 7 Am-9Am, and 2:30 PM - 4:30 Pm to avoid all the unaccompanied minors needing rides to and from school.