What does UberX pay in your market?


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Just thought it would be useful to collect current rates in as many cities as we can ...

Madison, WI

How about where you are?


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I think it's between $2.00-4.00/hr. after everything is deducted, but it's soooooo awesome because you get to work whenever and wherever you like.

Goober is simply amazing.


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If you're really interested about rates in other places go into the rider app and drop the pin anywhere you are curious about all over the country and then you will get your answer.


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Very less here in Bandung, Indonesia
Basefare IDR 3,000 (about $0.23)
Per km (not mile, 1 mile is about 1.6km) IDR 2,500 (about $0.19)
Per minute IDR 400 (about $0.03)


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3.50 per mile, 1.10 a minute, health benefits, free uber provided car, paid vacation, and free lifetime supply of diet coke, LOL