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What does a toll look like (on Payment Statement)?


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I don't think (?) I've seen tolls on any of my trips.

Can someone post a screenshot of what it looks like when Uber "attaches" a toll to a ride? I'm assuming it shows up on the Payment Statement?

Thank you!


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Awesome -- thank you very much.

Is that under your Weekly Payment Statement? Mine looks like this:

Edit: I guess I'm still curious how you see that there was a fee rolled into the ride? It looks like it just lumps the fare and toll together? Am I missing something?
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John Highway

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Based on your statement, it doesn't look like you had any toll surcharges added to your fare. Here's the summary of my paid statement.

4-6-2016 4-44-53 PM.png

As you can see, there's a surcharge & tolls of $5.15 which Uber does not take commission. Uber fee is based on your fare & surge. Surcharges & Tolls are added to your total earnings as a means of reimbursement.

( Fare + Surge ) * Uber Fee
( 331.10 + 4.02 ) * 0.25 = 83.7800

$331.10 + $4.02 - $83.78 + $5.15 = $256.49

Here's a cropping of my pay statement to better illustrate the separation of surcharges & tolls.

4-6-2016 4-44-53 PM.png

Hope that answers your question.


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I have to email uber support an send photo of toll receipt . but I've got my money back every time.