What doe "Silver Status" Mean in Real-Whirled Terms?


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I got a text saying I made Silver Status and will get "50% points bonus" for August. What does that really mean?

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I got that too and I think the value is for the reward program which has 10 dollar redeems. I put in for 7 of them yesterday so if I get 70 bucks for free Im pretty stoked.

The bonus is a 1.5 multiplier for silver on the points u use for redemption. Im like 10 rides short of gold so maybe will see the promise land soon.


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Shit. I was hoping it might mean a 50% reduction in Uber fees for the month.


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You know. I remember reading somewhere that, with these points, you're not just getting an Uber Towel. You're getting the Uber Towel AND lifetime towel washing service. You just need to mail it in to the downtown Uber office everytime you need it washed. :wink:


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How many rides is gold anyway? I haven't found anything specific about the medal incentives in Seattle.