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What do you wear/ better ratings?


The Trendy Transporter
The only time I'll wear "business casual" is when I am going to / coming from an occasion that called for it, such as day job or church. Otherwise I wear worn out jeans, fleeces, and a hunting camo hat. About as fancy as I get during those "otherwise" situations is a collared brewery work shirt or a Hawaiian shirt.

I think I actually get higher ratings and more tips when I dress down, but that could be due to the hours I drive under those circumstances.

Mista T

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If you're the laid back type that doesn't like getting dressed up and feels better in casual clothes then you're gonna be more pleasant and on your social game and your tips may increase as a result.

I think smelling good and keeping a clean car are more important

Jean's or sweats and a T shirt for me. First better tips, I wear a smile and some good jokes.

Then again, I'm only driving X. If I drove higher service levels, I'd dress better.


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This time of year in Boston, a North Face fleece and cords. In the summer usually a v-neck T and comfortable, lightweight pants. If I work weekend mornings, sweatshirt and sweatpants. Always clean sneakers. I chose comfort over style if I'm gonna be in a car for hours. But clothes and car are clean and smell good. With a 4.99 rating I will keep on keeping on.


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When it’s cool here in Florida, on weekend nights, black suit and tie.
Summertime, nice slacks and a polo.
Florida heat, black shorts and a white polo.

Rating? I could care less.
Tips! Yeah, that’s what counts.

Another Uber Driver

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skinny jeans with a long tunic.
How do you manage to get that tookas into "skinny" jeans?.

I'll leave the one at home that says: "Vaff****lo. Means Hello in Italian."
I guess that this means that I should not wear the T-Shirt that says "Va te faire calicer. Bienvenu à Montréal" .....or the one that says "Bienvenue à Montréal. Tu veux-tu prendre un botte..............drette asteure?"


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Dress for comfort (6-12 hours of driving), shower right before I go out, my car is detailed daily after school by son (big allowance every two weeks), I power wash vehicle before I gas up, be nice to everyone, smile, 4.97 rating. Was 4.98 two weeks ago but some dude didn’t like my insisting of him needing to take a tissue as he inhaled his cold every two seconds. I took that 2* like a champ lol.
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Sweatpants and a hoodie, but I always smell magnificent.

I have a 4.95 rating

I used to throw on some Hi Karate before a shift, but it drove the ladies too crazy, so now its soap, water and deodorant 😂
Hi Karate?!!! Dad?!?! 😄😄
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Another Uber Driver

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Lmao you never forget that stank!
There was this kid in eighth grade who liked girls but they did not like him. He saw this commercial, mowed a couple of lawns and went out and bought a bottle of the stuff. (I am, of course, dating myself, as young men no longer have to go out and do grunge jobs to get funding for whatever they want. When I was that age, you were respected for that. Now, your peers consider you a "loser" if you do that.)

He poured the stuff all over himself before he came to school. You could smell this kid as he was coming off the main street and down to the school. He lasted about three periods until one of his teachers shipped him off to the Vice-Principal. The Vice-Principal sent him to the P.E. coaches who had him run laps until he worked up a good sweat. Then the P.E. coaches, apparently on the Vice-Principal's instructions, told him to go home and take a bath and not to come back with all that stuff on him. He did it and made it back for last period. Some of us had to advise him not to do this, again. One of the P.E. coaches actually took him aside and instructed him in the discreet application of aftershave.

You are correct, though.......the SMELL!.....................................even when used "discreetly"...........................

If use lime you must, there is this one from Bermuda that is discreet. It is called Royall Lyme:


I never used to use aftershave. Girlfriend went into a parfumerie, once, and asked the guy there what he would recommend for a guy who will not use aftershave. He sold her this. She gave it to me one Christmas. It is the only aftershave that I will use, if I use any.
I wear blue jeans, a grey hoodie I picked up from Walmart for 7 bucks, and the same Under Armour work boots I use on my regular job.

I think it's more about your personality than it is what you are wearing. I think what you're wearing is more important if you're driving Lux or Black. But for regular UberX, fuggetaboutit. The pay isn't high enough for me to dress up.