What do you say when a Pax exits your vehicle?


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Depends on where I’m dropping them
My most awkward ride ever in regards to "where I'm dropping them" was when I saw the destination was a funeral parlor. It was 4 elderly black women. The ride was very quiet and awkward cuz I generally try to stay upbeat with Pax if possible. I think I told them "I'm sorry and have the best day possible".


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I try not to sound robotic and insincere.

If pax told me about something that was happening, like they started a new job or had a date, iI’d tell them good luck and hope it works out for you.

With the snow coming, I ended my rides yesterday with have fun shoveling the snow and be careful.

If a pax talked a lot, I’d say it was great talking with you. Otherwise I use my standard, have a great day or a nice day.


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We do have a Dr here in town that apparently is nationally known for his inexpensive yet highly successful vasectomy reversals.

I've dropped probably a dozen couples at his office. To them I say, "hope you have triplets".

If dropping at the river or water park I go full on Bill and Ted and will say, "dudes, hope you have a most excellent adventure". Most of those pax are day drunk so we're familiar like that. :coolio: