What do you like doing in your spare time


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Spare time? I Uber 70 hours per week. At 3:15 pm my kids get released from school and I pick them up. Most nights my wife is at work so I'm Daddy-Mommy lol. I'm in a music trio so I play a few gigs per month.

Spare time???
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That is a very valid use of your time! By the way if that is truly a picture of you, I would like to say that you are a solid 8.
That's Ray Donovan.


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In my spare time, I eat cheese curds, of course.

I do a lot more during our short, but beautiful spring, summers and fall. I love going up north, boating, hiking, swimming or going to one of our many festivals. In winter, these gigs are much busier, so then I mainly work or do indoor events. I hate the winter, except for ice skating and sledding. I’m living in the wrong state.
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Wow, never saw a Bass that large. I don’t think we have those two other fish here. When I used to fish, I’d get Perch, Bass, Northern, Crappie or Muskie.
You have to be at least somewhat close to Canada cause you called pike “northerns” that’s what they call them up there. I’ve been to Canada twice and caught a bunch. Theyre fun to catch.