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What do you guys think about these Tipping Signs?

Discussion in 'Tips' started by Kon1992, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. ATLbywayofJboro

    ATLbywayofJboro Member

    Atlanta, GA
    Lol the day my expenses for amenities outnumber by income and tips they're coming down
  2. R3NO

    R3NO Member

    Gorgeous car man - I have TVS in my headrest also. Doesn't get me tips tho lol - Idc about the tips tho anyway - it's a surprise if I get one rather than an expectation
  3. AintWorthIt

    AintWorthIt Well-Known Member

  4. UberChicago80

    UberChicago80 Active Member

    I went to Amish land to get a hand woven basket to house some amenities I think my pax loved. The selection included Fiji water, ricola drops, Doritos, pop chips, Red Bull, US Weekly magazine, moist towelettes and condoms (regular, snug fit and Magnum XXL). It was awesome. I got tipped about 10% of the time and the only item I had to replace was the snug fit condoms. I'd post a pic, but someone stole the vessel on NYE and only left the US Weekly, but they drew crude images all over the Kardashians faces.
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  5. VegasR

    VegasR Well-Known Member

    Las vegas
    I was finally able to track this one down on e-bay.

    There were a lot of pretty signs that burried the lead, emphasizing 5 star ratings and then asking for the tip in small print. Maybe because those stars help make cool looking designs.

    But what's a 5 star really worth? What would you pay for one? A nickle? A tip will be worth at least 20 times that.

    I liked some of the designs with pop culture references, but I didn't find one that was really funny or clever. Plus they also mentioned 5 stars, or worse, mints and music.

    This one emphasizes what is important and should be spotted by pax in any seat.

    Will post my results.

  6. Fuzzyelvis

    Fuzzyelvis Well-Known Member

    I make at least twice as much, and closer to 3x as much delivering pizza than ubering. It's why I rarely uber anymore. That's "make" as in check plus tips. Once you look at net, pizza does even better as the overhead is less. Mileage is less (still deductible). and less risk. Also have work men's comp if I crash, and unemployment insurance if I'm fired for no good reason.

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