What do you do


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"This is my job and ability yo yake care of my family. I can't risk the ticket and points on my license."


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"I don't want to get a ticket.". "I can't afford to get a ticket.". Etc.

But actually I like the idea of requesting a $500-1000 cash security deposit, up front, to be returned upon completion of an uneventful trip. They will say "no" and you will say no to breaking the law.
I speed and drive as hard and as fast as I can. Becaues it's fun and im prety good at it. I've saved some people's butts geting then to the airport in miracle time, and still never a tip.
yep, was promised a tip for getting one guy and his uncle to a dr.'s appointment downtown from lakeside in less than 20 minutes...never happened.

oh well.


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"You should have left earlier"
I wish I could laugh gif the crap out of this. I pictured responding to said customer with your words and in that tone and it immediately reminded me of when I was a kid and I would get my toys taken away and then cry and plead only to be told "you should have taken care of them". It's just too much Roflmao


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Had a rider heading to his court hearing on a felony charge. This moron orders the Uber at least twenty minutes later than he should've. It's a 45 minute trip, so I kind of feel sorry for him so I drive way faster than I should've. I end up getting him there with two minutes to spare. I get a quick thanks and no tip as he jogs up the courthouse steps. Who is really the moron now? Never again.
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