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What do you do when you suspect you're part of a drug run?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by HyundaiBigDog, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. My last trip I pick up these 2 black teens around midnight, (long dreads, headphones), as soon as I start the trip I see there's a stop, normally it's a fast food drive thru. So I ask where we're stopping and they just give me the street address. A little weird, but I think ok whatever. We get there, one stays in the car and other says he'll be right back, he runs into the apartment and 60 seconds later he's back in the car.

    I'm not going to confront them because: A) they could have a weapon B) I'll get 1 starred if I question them. C) As long as they don't smoke or openly display drugs in my vehicle, I'm only a little bothered by it.

    How would you handle it?
  2. UberBeemer

    UberBeemer Moderator

    NW Chicago Suburbs
    I am curious. If two non-black teens did the same thing, would you think the same thing?

    It could have been anything, from the way you describe it.
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  3. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    I don’t drive late nights but under the circumstances I would have handled it the same way.
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  4. Uber Crack

    Uber Crack Author

    You handled it well. Once you have drug dealers in your car it's too late to do anything except drive and pray quietly to yourself. Fortunately it happens pretty rarely so you're probably good for a while. Also, enjoy the adrenalin rush - saves you money on caffeine.
  5. Chud5


    Ask for a sample?
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  6. Take the 25% that it could have been anything and label me racist. Good for you buddy.
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  7. SurgeMasterMN


    Get a large sample.... long haul them.....encourage or talk about tips. This could turn into a $100.00+ ride if u play it right. This happened to another driver I know and it turned into a profitble trip.
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  8. If you’re not a cop
    Just Drive the car

    Unless u purposely want to get jammed up playing Columbo

    Seriously dude: “2 black teens” . baby boomer mentality
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  9. Get out of here judging me like I'm racist. I took everything into account to conclude it was likely a drug run. 2 young black teens at midnight with headphones, backpacks, and dreads stopping at some random apartment for a minute, then going home. Not only that, when I pulled up they were right there on the sidewalk and I had my flashers on in front of them for a full minute and they must of been high as a kite, cause they acted like they didn't notice me, then they came to my window and said oh we were expecting a car not an suv'. I Never had that happen with sober people.
  10. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    I would have asked them to share.

    Can't say I had that situation, but once I did have two priest that wanted to make a stop at the YMCA.
  11. “2 young black teens at midnight with headphones, backpacks, and dreads“

    Racial Profiling

    Racial profiling is the act of suspecting or targeting a person of a certain race on the basis of observed or assumed characteristics or behavior of a racial or ethnic group, rather than on individual suspicion.

    Racial profiling, however, isn't limited only to an individuals race, but can also be based on the individual's ethnicity, religion, or national origin. More common among lower income working poor

    Since these prejudices and stereotypes are seen at such an early age, they become something of second nature. Racial profiling often stems from what researchers call "implicit bias"—a bias we might not be consciously aware of
  12. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    Now that is one hell of a racist statement.
  13. Don’t tell me, tell Wikipedia :cool:
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  14. The definition of Racial Profiling doesn't matter. It was appropriate to consider race as factor in this situation. By the way this "racist" just the other day made an unscheduled stop for a black passenger who was hungry to get a sandwich. How many white passengers have I done favors for? Zero. I'm just a racial profiling, favor doing racist.
  15. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    I did tell Wikipedia and their response was;


    One who sees fault and negativity in every action of every conservative. One who paraphrases others context to have the appearance of a racist remark. One who seeks for motive more than for action. One who believes every Republican is neo nazi skin head kkk loving white supremacist.
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  16. I almost think some you wanted me to confront them and get shot so I could prove it was drugs and not left over Taco Bell.
  17. LOL,
    DUDE!!!! Or rather, Archie!!!
    Do U NOT hear yourself ?

  18. You win, I'm a little bit racist. As restitution for my racial profiling, I will tell an African American driver where my honeyhole spot in New Haven is, that averages 4+ pings per hour.
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  19. Did u watch the Archie videos? They’re fun

    Nah, I don’t “win”.

    We’re all a little racist.

    Including blacks that hate grey haired Caucasians assuming that generation is all Archie Bunkers

    I gotta go to another thread
    I’m in the middle of tearing apart a driver who thinks he’s qualified to offer a nonobjective opinion on ubers IPO.

    THIS shouldn’t take long

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  20. Christinebitg


    Haha, yeah right.

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