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What do pax mean by “drive safe”


New Member
At the end of some rides the pax says ‘thanks, drive safe’. Are they saying that cause they feel I didn’t drive safely or just to wish me a safe journey?


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You clearly scared them soooo badly that they prolly soiled their shorts! :-O

lolz.... actually I have wondered about this myself but this generally occurs when the
traffic is really nasty like at rush hour and after having a nice convo during the ride,
I think they are just wishing me the best out in a dangerous world. I hope that's it, anyway.


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Speaking of.... I am super aware as I am driving the pax and I really focus and incorporate defensive driving into the mix. I really take pride in doing this gig well even if it does kinda suck A LOT. lol With that said, I have made some mistakes which I know caused fear in the pax and on those occasions I apologized but I did not give an excuse like I was tired or anything. Mistakes happen....oh well...but.. Did you die??? lol

reg barclay

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I don't wanna read too much into it either, but IIRC I had two occasions where millenials told me 'drive safe' as they left my car. Then afterwards took a rating hit. Could be coincidence, but still.