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What did you make today?


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I had a pretty good day. 150 after tolls and gas for 8 hours. Better than my usual average. Like everyone else I have shit days and unicorn days. After next week I will have completed 6 months of this, so I intend to crunch a bunch of numbers to see what my real average is.


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$63 in 2.25 hrs had things to do so took rest of the day off. Could have tanked after that or been a $$ day we will never know. But was nice for a change to amke some oney in a short peroid of time but when you get a $35 airport trip and a $17 trip back to back it helps.


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$141 in 6.5 hrs. I don't drive Saturday nights anymore.

One thing I notice is that the DF tends to be reliable on Saturday afternoons. Even though I'm in a busy area, there are still enough rides going my way that Uber keeps the DF on until I'm within a couple miles from home.