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What did you make today?


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I had a pretty good day. 150 after tolls and gas for 8 hours. Better than my usual average. Like everyone else I have shit days and unicorn days. After next week I will have completed 6 months of this, so I intend to crunch a bunch of numbers to see what my real average is.


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Last day I drove was Friday. 6.5 hours. Daytime. $215.

But the stars kinda aligned. 1 $100+ trip. $35 Lyft bonus. $15 returned item fee.

Had to stop driving in the middle of the day because of car problems. Replaced the ignition coil. Diagnosis time, running for part and replacing took me off the road for 1.5 hours.


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$63 in 2.25 hrs had things to do so took rest of the day off. Could have tanked after that or been a $$ day we will never know. But was nice for a change to amke some oney in a short peroid of time but when you get a $35 airport trip and a $17 trip back to back it helps.


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$141 in 6.5 hrs. I don't drive Saturday nights anymore.

One thing I notice is that the DF tends to be reliable on Saturday afternoons. Even though I'm in a busy area, there are still enough rides going my way that Uber keeps the DF on until I'm within a couple miles from home.