What days are slow


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I went out yesterday from 5pm to 8pm and barely made $50 . I usually drive weekends is there a big difference between weekend and weekdays?


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Tues and Weds are usually the slowest. Sometimes Thurs too, but with Universities starting up, Thurs will pickup a bit.


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Friday and Saturday nights you can park in between ten other Ubers down in Hollywood and see if you get anything.

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Per uber, there are no slow days. Just turn on your app and make money!

With that said, it's a crap shoot out there. We can't control the rider requests, only where we will be and hope for the best. Just go to where the riders are, restaurants, hotels, apartments. Don't park next to another driver, and so on. Move from area to area every 15 minutes, unless you love sitting for 1 hour and see what happens.