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What could Springfield do to help us?

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by pizza guy, Jan 14, 2017.

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  1. pizza guy

    pizza guy

    DuPage, IL
    I'm meeting with a State Representative to advocate on our behalf.
    As a suburban driver I am concerned about how a city of 2.8 million dictates the regulations of an area with 10 million.
    As many of you know I helped organize a group of drivers with mixed success. I am sort of proud of the fact we got 30 drivers to show up last spring for an event during a time Uber was offering $30+ hr for 1 trip per hour.
    I would like your feedback and know what issues drivers would like see addressed in statewide TNP regulation.
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  2. mikes424


    As I mentioned on another topic, perhaps we can get the state legislature to require that all TNCs operating in Illinois have a tip option added to their app.
  3. f1zero


    1. At the very least, require that TNP's put an in app notification stating that tips are not included in the fare and require the pax to give an affirmative acknowledgement as to reading that notification, just once.
    2. Ban TNP's from prohibiting drivers from conceal carrying a firearm while online.
    3. Force TNP apps to automatically make a driver go offline after reaching his/her 10 hour driving limit in 24 hours.
    4. If a pax can rate a driver and see his/her rating, TNP's must allow drivers to rate paxs and see pax ratings.
    5. TNP's must show destination locations at the time of a request, since this is supposedly rideshare and not a taxi.
    6. TNP's cannot prohibit the use of dash cams and must inform pax in the pax app that the ride may be recorded. The recording is the property of the driver and not the TNP or pax.
    7. Give me $50 million. :p
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  4. UberTrucker


    I 2nd for #7 lol. I'm just saying!!!
  5. LarryA


    *Cap the number of TNP vehicles operating in the city*
  6. UberTrucker


    Get rid of the 456,274 drivers that just recently got hired in the last year. I'm just saying!!!
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  7. lakersfan1


    If you need another rep on your side, maybe you can use a disabled war veteran with a master's degree. PM me if you need a strong man on your meeting.
  8. lakersfan1


    Allow drivers who think they're Dirty Harry? Please. Do tell how you will save the world from the front seat. I just love to hear these stories of fiction. Go on, Jean Cleude Van Damme.
  9. lakersfan1


    How about use tax-payer money to buy back cab medallions? Cab companies use immigrants as indentured servants anyways with $1,200/mo rents on severely used cabs just to make up the price of cab medallions.
  10. I am not being a smart ass when I ask this. How is Chicago dictating regulations for the metro area? If a driver chooses not picking up in the city, there are no municipal regulations in the burbs. That's beside the fact that (unless I am missing something) the only requirement change I have had is printing a new dashboard placard.
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  11. Syed raza

    Syed raza

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  12. Uberon1986


  13. Ay caramba, not regulations!
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  14. I guess it depends on what you are asking them for in this advocacy. In my experience more regulation=more taxes and fees. We all know who will get the tab for that.

    Would it be better to form a grassroots driver's association to show actual numbers of registered voters first? Come up with a platform or list of issues to be addressed?

    Just spit balling ideas. My 2 cents worth...and that's about all it's worth.....
  15. sUber FastXL

    sUber FastXL

    1. Require TNP's to clearly show what the pax is paying and the breakdown of taxes and fees, TNP commission, and then driver portion.
    2. Incentives have to be equal for every driver.
    3. Open up coverage to provide rides from anywhere in the state.
    4. Allow drivers to opt in or out of each ride type, i.e., x only, xl only, pool only (jk) unless they want to classify us as employees.
    5. No time outs if we don't accept rides, or at least make the rules clear and the timeouts obvious.

    I also agree with requiring the tip option since it is required in cabs now that they accept credit cards.
  16. cdruber


    I would like to know that Uber knows who is getting in my car. Uber does not verify people. You would think they would at least check their ID at the very least.
    Uber should not be taking money from driver because of fraud. We are not allowed to check ID's so they should have to eat those rides.
  17. appreciate your self-sacrifice----putting your time, where everyone else's mouth is.

    Why isn't Lisa Madigan suing Uber to classify drivers as employees? (I like to be gullible and think that the Madigans and Dems. aren't in the pocket of Uber)

    And if the first words you hear are "that's a great question!" I'll be here rolling my eyes.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2017
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  18. Right now, as I observe it from somewhat of a distance, I see the fundamental problem in Rideshare is that drivers have no "Voice". And this forum and SM in general are a poor substitute. You do not have a seat at the table. IMO, this is the first step toward achieving consistent, positive change for the BENEFIT of DRIVERs!

    Advocate for the formation of, let's call it a "Drivers Guild". With a paid governing board, funded by the TNPs licensing fees. And an ability to hire a competent attorney to represent your interests. Make the TNP provide operator contact info so the Guild can contact them. Peeps should be able to opt out if desired.

    The TNC/Ps keep you isolated and alone by classifying you as IC. The nature of the work furthers this isolation. They make all of their decisions without needing to consider any real push back from you, who are their defacto "employees".

    In short they have 100% of the leverage and drivers have zero %. Strategically speaking, this makes it impossible to negotiate.

    Form an ORGANIZATION. With a legislative Voice. And a LARGE voter block. This is how things work in the real world. It is the ONLY WAY. Think NAACP, NRA, ACLU. Money and Registered Voters working in concert get attention.

    Today, there are people getting gunned down in the streets daily. Others are freezing and starving. We could go on and on about the disaffected, the disabled, the scarred veterans, and the otherwise underemployed and downtrodden.

    The general public is not going to GAF about what they will perceive as a bunch of whiney Uber drivers. If you make any more than minimum wage the attitude is "just stfu and work", stop crying.

    The Taxi drivers in this City have been crapped on for decades and today work as indentured servants. Why, They never successfully organized. They let themselves get sh$t on for decades. Why do you think most taxis suck so bad?

    Organize. Assemble a Voting Block. Craft an Agenda. Win.

    And know that if Uber loses, they'll just take their ball and go home. Which is fine, fu@k 'em. Ensure that the legal infrastructure supports competitors. Someone else will step in. Rideshare doesn't really need "Uber" anymore. They've already legislated the industry into existence, legitimized it.

    What is needed is a more balanced approach, with an operator that has a shred of integrity. Instead of the narcissist, sociopath, vulture capital driven SV sh!theads calling the shots today.

    I sincerely wish you all the very best of success. Most of you deserve it. End Screed.
  19. AmericanTaxiOptima


    Vernon Hills IL
    Be very careful for what you wish for. Chicago and Illinois love regulations. They love red tape. Just look at the cab rules and regulations we already have in place. You want different rules governing city rideshare vs suburban ride share? You're asking for trouble. They'll split you guys up like they did us cabs, city cabs and suburban. We're held to 2 totally different sets of rules and I'm barred from ever taking trips out of ORD Or MDW to Chicago. No city to city trips. And on the flip no city cabs may pick up in the suburbs. Is that what you want? Your intentions are good but the end result will not be something you like, you are playing with the devil.
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  20. mikes424



    Two things come to mind. 1) There is,a tax on every drop off in the city irregardless of where the ride originates.
    2) Every driver is forced to get a TNP chauffeur license issued by the city, even if the driver opts not to pick up in the city.

    Basically, all the regulations enacted by the city by default is imposed on all drivers, even if thr driver opts not to pick up in the city.

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