what can you write off?


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other than mileage with is 57 cents a mile. what else can you write off?

gas, oil changes?

thanks. I just entered my first uber statement on Zen99 along with my expenses ( mileage and gas) and it showed I wouldn't owe any taxes on this statement...

does that seem legit?

Thanks Uber fam :biggrin:


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so apparently zen99 is closing its doors aug 25th! bummer..

what website do you use to monitor miles . gas . etc?

or do you not stress about it and just wait for uber to send you the 1099 and do the calculations then?


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legit YES. Log mileage and it will negate most any amount Uber pays you.

No need for a website or app to monitor anything, keep a log on paper. You will have to keep it 7 years, so any computer based anything is too much of a liability.

It just proves we don't "make" any money driving for Uber

Real incomes have tax consequences


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Also a portion of your phone bill, candy and water for the pax (you may or may not end up offering them any. lol).

Extras--like I had to get a fire extinguisher to satisfy the city ordinance, any fees you had to pay for permits etc., drug testing for such and so on, vomit bags, clean up supplies (vomit soak up powder for instance). Car chargers, backup charger.

Basically a rule of thumb is if you bought it specifically for your business then it's deductible.

Many say deduct meals on the road. Not true. You have to eat anyway. There's an IRS rule about how far from your home you have to be for that to apply. If you took a long trip to a town 100 miles away and ate there yes it would be. So would the motel if you decided to stay the night.

Some things are a judgement call. I would put car seats and Weathertech floor mats in my car anyway but I plan on deducting them because I can make a good argument that they are only NECESSARY because of my ubering.


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Car washes, dash cams, ipad/phone and data plans, cleaning supplies and air fresheners etc... you bought for the car. These are in addition to the mileage deduction.