What can happen in a Pool Ride


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Just think if this rider was in the car with a pool rider what could of gone wrong.

Knife Wielding Rider (link to article here)

And if the knife wielding rider starting started slicing with her knife, maybe it might find its way either through the driver's seat or take a piece of drivers ears off!

Pool is not the best idea for Florida too many tempers here where they want to settle them with more than than an argument or middle finger.


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Holy crap--welcome to Flori-duh! We are in the third world down here!

The story:
ULY 11--Following a dispute with her Uber driver, a Florida woman allegedly bit and scratched the victim’s arm before attempting to flatten all of the vehicle’s tires with a 10-inch kitchen knife,
police charge.

Defendant Maya Madry, 22, summoned an Uber car to her St. Petersburg residence late last month, according to court records. After entering the auto, Madry “got into a verbal dispute” with driver Mark Rolston, who subsequently asked Madry to get out of his vehicle.

However, Madry, did not go quietly. Pictured above, Madry allegedly “grabbed and scratched” Rolston’s arm before sinking her teeth into the appendage (which reportedly caused “lacerations” that required medical treatment).

Upon exiting the vehicle, Madry hit the driver’s side window with the large knife. She then used the weapon to flatten one of the car’s tires. “The defendant also attempted to flatten the victim’s other 3 tires with the kitchen knife but was unsuccessful,” a sheriff’s deputy reported.

Madry was arrested yesterday morning in connection with the June 24 incident. She is charged with aggravated assault, a felony, and criminal mischief and simple battery, both misdemeanors. Madry was released from custody Sunday night after posting $5650 bond.

Madry was arrested in May on a burglary charge and has been free on her own recognizance in that felony case.


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Hahaha I actually had 3 drunken, smelly old farts ask me for water. I couldn't believe it. Rich Yankees wanting to take even more from my broke ass.