What a mess with the BOD - TK still trying to control Uber


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NY Times article, where TK is appointing new directors to the board to maintain control and maybe come back as CEO

The new CEO hands are tied up until this gets straightened out. NO major change is going to occur with Uber. The major changes Uber needs will require the approval of the board or the board has to give the new CEO the power to make the changes he has none.

Sorry folks, but the NEW CEO could be a winner, but he all talk as long as TK is still trying to take control. Remember the past president Jeff Jones, the new CEO has no more power than that guy has. I bet TK got an office next to the CEO to watch all that he does.

Most likely the new CEO has a clause in his contract if the board does not give him full authority he can walk.


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of TK wants to come back and is just cleaning up his image on the sideline....thats why its so hard to find goodness blood....the old blood is still in there..


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Any potential investors will probably not like this move.

Like JC stated....imagine if the new CEO quits?? He does seem like a really nice guy truly trying to fix a mess and if his hands get tied, he should quit.

Then, Uber will be more Fuxed


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The NEW CEO is not going to do this dance for long. If he does not get control, then he will exact out. Good luck trying to find new investors or another CEO.

The only saving grace!

TK has no money. I bet they need cash more than they are letting on to stay afloat. And they need it fast. The investors will once again assert themselves to get rid of TK or not dump any more funds in. This outcome could bankrupt the company. Goodbye to everyone billions and dreams.

I suspect it is that bad at Uber HQ.