What’s up with the surge in Palm Springs


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Haha, first ant at UP to see the bad news. Somebody talked about this last week. About ants heading to coachella just to realize theres no surge multiplier like last year. Im pretty sure they dont even know Uber cut mileage rate by 25%.
I don’t work Uber x. Sorry that’s slave labor. They never cut xl recently that I know of. I think Im mid 2018 they did

Alsace Struggle

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That is not eye candy, That is eye sore. Your standard is too low. My eyes usually auto filter out trash like those.
I see what is going on here. You are not a "front guy", you are more a "back guy". Well this should please you.

Interesting last time I worked Choachella I don't remember a single girl there that didn't have her buttocks exposed to some degree.


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Did they get rid of surge and they just give u a flat pay on top of ref fair. Wtf
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Reg not ref
Why the hell did you go to Coachella in the first place?!?
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Well if the ants don't make any money at least they will get some eye candy.

Better then showing up to an anime convention and not making any money.
I couldn’t care less about candy I can’t eat.


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For some people, the first 3rd degree burn isn't enough.
This is gonna be a total disaster. First, the lineups are the worst Coachella has ever had. By far. And last year the complaints about how bad Uber and Lyft were for riders and drivers were beyond abundant. This year is easily gonna be even more of a train wreck.

I predict there will be no Uber or Lyft this time next year. So much ugly s%#t is gonna come out in the ensuing months about these companies and tech in general. A reckoning is around the corner.

Perhaps the scariest thing for drivers will be all the unaccompanied minors hopped up on booze and a veritable pharmacy getting in their cars. There will be vastly more teens this year than any previous year. Arianna Grande fans are overwhelmingly teens and kids - and a total nightmare to deal with.
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