Whaddya do when an Uber Pax destination is Brunswick, GA?


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Yesterday, I had an early AM run from Fernandina Beach to Brunswick...nice high speed trip, but Uber won't let Florida drivers pick up in Georgia.

I've worked Brunswick once before and found it saturated with drivers and pax only going on short trips around Brunswick. All I got yesterday drifting around Brunswick / St Simons for a couple hours was a single $5 Lyft cancellation...guy ignored my call to him at 1:00, and then texted me a garbled new location at 4:45...

Uber Support coughed up a measly $5 for the "inconvenience" of my 40 mile / 50 minute deadhead home, and that took 15 minutes with Ms. Rohit.

Do I just start and end the trip or try and negotiate cash up front for the inevitable deadhead back?


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I use two approaches.

I can do the trip on the application, plus a return trip cash fee.
OR I can cancel no charge the trip and negotiate a cash price for the whole trip.

Some passengers will tell you to leave the application running on the way back, but then they can complain and get a fare adjustment. I wouldn't use this method.


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Good ideas - I have too much to lose to risk driving "outside the app" and the layers of insurance coverage that go with it.

I think the "return trip cash fee" holds most promise. I've had a few boondock runs where the pax did well by me, but not the Brusnwick run.

TY for the ideas


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It depends on the time of day. If it’s late at night I’m gonna be mad but I probably won’t cancel. Yulee is pretty busy and it’s not that far back to the Florida line. I’ve given some long trips to Saint Augustine and had to dead back. Even if I use destination mode, the houses are so spaced out down there that it takes like 15 min to pick up a passenger and it’s way out of your way. I drive a Camry with 40mpg so I don’t mind it on the way back if I got $40-$60 to get there.


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I drive an EV that costs $0.025 / mile to recharge, but I really resent the "forced deadhead" back from GA - 40 miles / 50 minutes from some parts of Brunswick


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I pretend I'm having mechanical issues just before the Stateline. Get them to step out to help for a second, then you jump back in and tear outta there. Anything left behind by the pax is a bonus.

This will get riders requesting outta state rides to have a Fifty Dollar Bill in hand when picked up.

This will only work if All Uber and Lyft drivers follow this technique.


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Chipley state that when you start the ride it's out of the state of Florida and you can't leave the state because of your probation