Westside *New Hotspot*


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I-20 West from AUC to Mabelton is the new Hotspot!!! If your not scared it pretty much surges off and on all day and all night!


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Center of that surge is basically The Bluffs and SWAT. Theres a reason its surging there, reasonable drivers dont drive there. Other than that, the residual surge seems to be pretty much all within where id expect them, especially vinings.


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Impressive numbers. You all have definitely mastered the game. I don't think I was ever fully in it.


As an old white guy, I don't have any issues picking up or dropping off in that area. I am a school teacher in that area during the day, so I know my way around and know the specific spots I need to stay away from. I get appreciative passengers and good ratings. Women from south Dekalb tear my rating up for some reason. I can do a pickup there and my rating always goes down.