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But your Uber account has been deactivated due to your antisocial social media activities.
You may appeal or provide evidense of your deleting your profile from tje following social media providers.



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You deserve to be locked in the refrigerator if you listen to that clown. Especially if you believe any of it.
Duh its humorous.
As to infw.
Their not smart enough to make the
connection but if you dont understand the pointed humor.
If U dont know the 5 eyes treaty you arnt even close to understanding your a rat in a cage.
Australia is now seizing assets you cant prove you had the income to purchase.
This investigation of your assests is allowed as soon as you are caught for any criminal activity .Even a speeding ticket.
Its a precurser to what is comming to USA......The land of Freedom ination.
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If I had $1,000 to spare last year I would have been invested. Supposedly if you invest $1,000 in about 4 to5 years, your stock would be worth around $800,000.

Warren Buffett invested a few billion into it I believe so it must be good.

Basically what it is, eventually all the technology will be communicating with each other. This is sort of happening now but this is going to happen on a much larger scale where devices will be talking to each other continually.