Went to Forestville....wow


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Had a fare problem that was unresolved despite repeated emails... It was s longer ride in boost time/place.... But no boost was added to fare.

Anyway the uber office is in a sad looking strip mall. You go in, register on a tablet, and are put into a queue for a CSR. I waited 40 min-- so a heads up, if you go, expect DMV type wait times. I could not believe how busy it was with drivers or wannabe drivers having problems if some kind!!

Also -- let me say politely. .. There was a wide variety of people in there. Nobody like me lol. Wide variety of "dress codes" and styles.

The CSR was professional and competent. But could not guarantee the fare issue would be repaired. He acknowledged an "issue" with boosts that he said should be fixed now. He asked why I didn't use the in-app "help" specifically the "other" category? Well Mr. CSR, there is no "other" category in fare adjustment issues in the app. He was surprised and looked at my app and confirmed. Said he would pass it along to engineers. Ios.

Just an excursion report for y'all's info.


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Yep agree completely. Done plenty of rides in Forestville / suit land all great folks. Some I helped a lot with carrying groceries and assembling strollers etc