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First Saturday night back since the accident and illness and I would be happy to make $100 and go home. Well as soon as I got into Lewes I got a ping and ignore and then got two more pings and ignored...I was looking for a long ride. So I went to McDonalds and went offline and got me a couple of bacon mcdoubles and a drink and quickly ingested that. Then I am in the parking lot and I turn my light on. Boom 4 minutes away LONG TRIP!!! I pull up and this young woman jumps into the front street and proceeds to tell me her sad story. She had bought 2 "the Weekend" concert tickets and her friend was going to drive her...to PHILADEPHIA!!!! So first she asked if I wanted to go...I kinda didnt feel comfy about that... Then she said lets go back to the house where her and other Ukranian exchange students were staying. A couple minutes later she comes back out with a guy. She sits in front and he sits in back.

So it took about 2 hours and 10 minutes and I drop them off at the Wachovia. They asked how much for a ride back and I said $200 cash. They didn't seem happy with that. After they got I looked at the invoice and I got paid $178 (including $6 in tolls) and the total trip payment was $220. Now I figure going back its going to be lower..maybe $170. I told them to be careful and wait out the surge. They wanted me to wait in Philly for 3+ hours until after the concert.

So I headed home with my destination light set but I didn't get anything. About $150 net for 5 hours on the road...not bad.

Some positives for Uber:

1. I like the long trip notification in the request...that is so nice
2. Apparently they are no longer going to slam us for ignoring requests
3. I can now set a destination filter 6 times per day
4. They actually reimbursed me for Rt 1 tolls...first time in a long time.

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1) yes, this is awesome, but I have yet to see it.

2) How would they slam us for ignoring requests? Aside from emails that I've ignored for the past 75 weeks, was there retaliation for ignoring pings? I'd guess it affected trips you got paired with, but I don't know.

3) I love this feature. This being said, uber won't allow me to use DF to phl or even close to it between the hours of 4am - 10am, depending on where I am. I went to hub and the dumb or dishonest rep said, "we've improved the DF so it will reject locations you're unlikely to get a ride to". Hahaha. I'm unlikely to get a ride on Monday morning to PHL? Sure.

4) I know you said you were feeling ill, and I hope you feel better, but I wish you had stuck around for your sake. Philly was actually GOOD this weekend. Coulda made a nice chunk of change while waiting and been compensated going home. I get being "DONE" though. This morning I left philly market at about 4:30 am to come home. That's pretty much the WORST time to call it quits bc I'm throwing phl trips with no traffic away, but I was dead.


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Yes I was pretty tired after driving about an hour to the beach and then 2 hours up to Philly and then got caught in a nasty downpour. I don't know Philly very well and I don't like the low rates so I decided to set my DF to home and hope for a ride. I got nothing. I got home and chilled and made more than my goal so I called it a night.

I guess the ignore emails will stop even though they still show your acceptance rate on the ratings screen...If that does not matter anymore then they should take it off the screen.

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DelaJoe Han's I like how you guy's stick together & that's definitely something that Uber never wanted drivers to do that's why they're always calling us "independent" mind manipulation hopefully one day I could meet you guy's and share some money making things that I can't share here..again I'll be moving to Millsboro in 3wks and will be 20-25mins from Bethany & Rehoboth I believe✌

Again I'm not just another leeching driver looking for a quick buck...I like kickin ass & taking names and no bs from riders drunk or sober

This is how Uber tries to minimize surge damage in DC...I will snap another at 3am to show you guy's even that doesn't work here mostly.


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The DE beach section consists of pretty much ONLY Joe and I, so we have little choice but to stick together. Haha. I'll tell ya, the DE beach area is a really small and simple market to figure out. Aside from keeping tabs on concerts and events, there's not much to learn in terms of moneymaking secrets. And like I just said in another post, I've just abandoned the area. The other day I went out to run errands on Thursday afternoon 12-5. I drove from Milton, to Dewey, to Bethany, and back. I completely forgot I was signed in and didn't realize until about 6 when I heard my phone pinging from across the room. 6 hours with zilch.

The thing I noticed about the area is there seemed to be very few workable hours. My day was normally made or broken by whether or not there was a bar close long surge ride. Now there seem to be WAYYY too many drivers for any money to be made. If you can drive in MD then you should be ok, I guess, but I can't, so I don't know. Best of luck and feel free to msg me whenever. Always good to make friends on here. Especially a guy as smart as DelaJoe


I got one of those on Labor Day weekend. Decided not to do it Saturday night. Thought I’d miss the surge that never happened.