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Well that didn’t last long; Bozoma Saint John is leaving Uber for Endeavor

Discussion in 'News' started by BurgerTiime, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. BurgerTiime


    The high-profile marketing guru will become CMO at the entertainment conglomerate

    The high-profile executive Bozoma Saint John has left Uber for Endeavor, sources say and Uber confirms. She will become CMO there, focused on a range of creative connections between its enormous talent portfolio and big brands.

    Saint John has been at Uber for almost exactly a year. At the time she was hired, she told Recode: “I know what I’m walking into. I think it’s a really exciting time to tell the story well. Certainly there have been lots of things that have been swirling around [about] Uber but I’m interested in telling the story about the service and what is happening from the brand standpoint.”

    The move is not surprising, given the many executive changes at the ride-hailing company under newish CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. Saint John was brought in under ousted CEO Travis Kalanick by board member Arianna Huffington, but was never made head of marketing there. Instead, she was in charge of its brand efforts, after having done similar work at Apple for its Apple Music unit.

    But Khosrowshahi has been actively searching for a CMO to lead those efforts. Saint John, said numerous sources, also chafed under the new leadership of COO Barney Harford, who was previously CEO of Orbitz.

    In many ways, the new post is perfect, focusing on her talents at linking brands looking for glitz and heat with those able to provide it from the entertainment industry. Saint John has relationships all over in both these worlds.

    Endeavor is the name of the holding company for the powerful Hollywood talent agency WME that is now run by Ari Emanuel. It also has a spate of other units in sports, fashion and live events.

    One thing that Saint John’s departure underscores is the now near absence of women at the very top echelons of Uber management, which — you might have heard — has had some gender issues in the past. Leadership and strategy head Frances Frei also left recently.

    Along with a CMO, the company also is looking for a CFO and a head of product.
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  2. Adorning a new Corporate totem pole.

    Waste money on Drivers Uber !

    Ever think of That !?

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  3. MHR

    MHR Moderator

    She doesn't look nearly as happy, young or fresh as when they interviewed her about starting at Uber and driving pool.
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  4. JoshInReno


    Reno, NV
    Does Uber offer a golden parachute?

    Cuz if they do, I'll chief operate anything they want - not like I'd have to know what I'm doing or anything.
  5. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    The corporate employees kept omitting the ‘ma’ in her name when addressing her.
  6. SakoSays


    Los Angeles
    It’s like executive musical chairs.
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  7. uberdriverfornow


    No idea why this is news. She never did anything for this company. But that's better than doing bad things for this company as many of her predecessors have done.
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  8. FormerTaxiDriver♧


    I hope she writes a nice long blog, like Sharon Fowler did.
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  9. Huffington is on the board? I didn't know that. No wonder Uber is so screwed up.
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  10. just_me


    Revisiting a June 10th, 2017 announcement of the hiring Bozoma Saint John: ''She has been given the task of turning Uber into a brand that people love as much as apple'' ( http://www.biznespreneur.com/apple-executive-bozoma-saint-john-public-face-uber/ ). She wasn't successful. In fairness to her, I don't think anyone could have been successful under those circumstances.

    A little further into that article: ''She said one of the most powerful parts of Uber’s story was the people. As well as the drivers who are the soul of the company''. Kudos to her for recognizing that the drivers are the soul of the company. Best of luck to you Bozoma.
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  11. Executive Retention

    Uber cant retain
    CASH !

    Corporate BULLEMIA !

    Yet they Starve the Body( DRIVERS !)

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  12. Did you mean to say a new corporate TOKEN pole? Because that's all she was obviously since the brand continued to plummet under her watch.

    Ever wonder why uber is spending so much money on advertising? Its because they have no brand. Customers are leaving left and right.

    The only thing they're not losing is surfeit of drivers. Yes, they're not the same drivers but uber doesn't care.

    What uber doesn't understand is the fact that the drivers ARE the brand. And when 90% of the drivers hate uber, the brand will suffer.

    RIP bozo. P.s. i wouldn't put uber on your resume when you hop to your next one year assignment.
  13. SakoSays


    Los Angeles
    Just how the ones set to profit on the IPO like.
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  14. She took a job on a sinking ship

    That was on fire

    in a hurricane

    and covered in pirates

    who had the plague

    The only mistake she made was agreeing to come work for uber.
  15. goneubering


    LA/Orange Counties
    NOBODY can turn Uber into Apple!!
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  16. Teri12


    Sydney NSW
    Nobody listened to her....so.... how could she have been successful. They probably gave her a folder, work half-done, and said 'fix it'. Scapegoating is a useful tool for tools.
    Did Uber ask anyone to 'tell your story'?
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  17. Drivincrazy


    Las Vegas, NV
    Here is what is interesting...but, first, I must say LMFAO at some of the above. OMG. Now, the interesting...Uber could take say, seven of the smart azz posters on this site that have, say 5,000+ rides...and they could turn Uber profitable, at much lower executive pay.
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  18. Jo3030

    Jo3030 Moderator

    Washington DC
    Oh well, another one bites the dust.
  19. I can’t stop crying
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  20. Uber has about a million drivers. 1/4 of us are Uber-worn, and happy to tell the truth to the people who matter most - the pax. She (and her predecessors) are fighting a losing battle against hundreds of thousands of disgruntled drivers, who put the message out hundreds of thousands of times every single day. She didn't stand a chance.

    Until Uber gets SDC or fixes the pay issue, it won't get better for them. Dara knows this, but doesn't want to spend the money until after the IPO.
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