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Well, no more Surge in SLC


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Yep, signed on today and there were dollar amounts instead of 2.1, 1.4, etc. etc. etc. Not worth my time.

Now instead of making $60 on a 2.0 run from Park city to the airport, I’ll make $30 plus The $ amount surge, this really sucks


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Yep. I noticed it yesterday morning at the airport. "$6.25" extra. That's not even equivalent to a 2.0x from the airport to downtown. Gone are the days of making any real $$$ with surge.

At least I went out with a bang on Saturday night.



3X surge from PC main to Alta. On that Saturday night with a ton of snow! Big Cottonwood had at least 6 inches of Unpacked snow. Thank goodness for snow tires. Funny thing - there were two stuck vehicles, a 4x4 Tahoe and a Subaru Forester. I have an Acura w/FWD and Blizzaks. The Subaru was abandoned but the Tahoe had 4 guys from California who rented it to get up to Alta. I stopped on my way up and told them I'd try to help once I dropped off my PAX. They were still there when I came back and told me they had called AAA for a tow. It was about 1:30am at that time. I strapped a tow cable to their Tahoe but my little FWD TL didn't make much progress trying to pull them out. They thanked me for the effort and I drove back down the canyon.

But yeah, as far as surge goes, I think this change absolutely sucks. But so does everyone else. I think what this is going to do is require a change in strategy. I took a ride to the airport this morning before I went into work (I'm just a part-timer) and noticed that downtown was surging $3.50. With the minimum as $3.00 (and many downtown rides being short minimum fare rides), this change is actually decent for short dopey rides downtown. And PC could be ok as well (not as good as before but maybe ok....) since many rides are short there as well. Ironically, it's the long rides that we're going to get the shaft on. Honestly, if it's surging in whatever area I'm in and I get a 45+ or 60+ ride request I'm probably going to turn it down from now on.

Personally, as much as I avoid downtown, I think I'm going to concentrate my time down there when I drive on weekend nights, rather than trying to get long rides from the southwest side on weekend nights, like South Jordan and Herriman when it surges (which it frequently does due to low coverage) or the East side like Cottonwood Heights. Or the airport of course.

This will definitely cut into the total $$$/hour we're going to make. Next time they send me that "how happy are you driving for Uber", I'll definitely be brining this up. Not that I think it will make much of a difference......


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It's certainly making me re-think strat, and I'm still trying to figure it out. Lyft, doesn't surge as much at the airport, but I have gotten some good surge rides from there this week. I have noticed when the Uber queue is low, and the surge spikes, the queue jumps. I suspect it's all the Select+ drivers sitting there turning on UberX when it surges. Since you can't do that on Lyft, don't see that pattern as much. I've gotten several Lyft Surges on my way to the airport last 2 weeks.

Last night to your point about downtown, on way to airport queue I accepted a ride on 2200 West along the airport that was a $7.50 Surge. Went downtown base for $7 (and thanks for the $5 tip!) for $18.09 total followed by $4.75, $4.51, $5.25, $9 in Quests for those 3 ($41.60 from 10-11pm), $6.16, $4.86 and wrapped up with $9.30 (thanks dumb ass "Destination Mode" that took me all the way out to West Valley almost to Magna when I want to go Lehi!). Wish they added the Quest to your ride total, would make figuring things out easier. So about $62 for 2 hours. If I add in my 9:00 PM rides, which was a Lyft Surge for $26 to Midvale and $7.65 Uber, that is $ for 3 hours. Somewhere in the $30/hr. But, I spent my first 2 hours of the night making crap.

If I look at only the short downtown rides from 10:30-11:30, made $25.52. Should be 3 $3 Quest. $34.52. Good money with all that stacking. But soooooo much going on there to consider if worth being down there or not, Surge, Quests, what is Airport doing, what is Lyft doing.

Also, with Lyft still at $4.25 min fare rides, if Uber isn't surging downtown, it's better to work Lyft down there. Need a $1.25 surge on Uber = Lyft.

Need a couple weeks of playing with this new crap see how it works out. Hopefully Lyft doesn't follow with this. But, if this brings down the total surge price for riders, Lyft might need to counter to be competitive in price. But Lyft doesn't surge as often or hard as Uber anyway, so (shrug).
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Don't forget min far in PC is $5 ish for Uber. So those surges for a few more can really start adding up.

And I think it's still $8.25 on Lyft. Haven't had much Lyft in PC last week or so, been all Uber when I have been up there.


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All good points. I'm going to roll with it and see what happens. Truth be told, when I break down total pay for the week, a pretty small percentage is actual surge premium. Last weekend was an exception but most weekends are around 5% or so. Granted, 5% of $400 is $20 but that's really not the end of the world. What peeves me is that from what I understand, pax are still going to be charged for "real" surge, or something around there, but with the way it's set up now, the drivers are simply going to get much less. I don't know if that's fact. Just based on some articles I've read from sites that have analyzed data from larger cities where this rolled out first. With all the good changes Uber has made, I'm really surprised to see them do this.


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I think the #.#x is still in place, it's just doesn't appear that way on the map when waiting for a PING. Last night downtown, Surge was $1.75. Ping came through and it showed +$14.00 ..... I took them to Union Blvd lower Cottonwood. Base fare I made was about $10, which is normal from downtown, and I made the $14 on top.

So even though the Surge showed $1.75, I think it still extrapolated out to about a 2.25x Surge (I'm guessing on that 2.25x, but it would seem to be around that area.

It seems you will see up front what you will make on the surge and the % is still calculated out for longer rides. Someone though should confirm this with a long ride say from the airport to park city.


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No idea. I've driven a few airport runs in the early morning this week but nothing major. I'll be heading out in the snow tonight and Saturday. Probably hit up PC. I'll see what happens.

Just another thought, the Quest times downtown during surge could be pretty profitable. If it were a $2-$3 quest, $2-$3 surge plus the standard $3 ride (assuming it's short), you could be looking anywhere from $6-$10 for little dinky downtown rides. Stack a few of those up and it would be worth it.

That's about the only scenario where this new surge will really be very good though. Just trying to be optimistic :biggrin:


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So I noticed this last night too and though maybe it was a Valentines day thing but I guess not. Looking at my trip details for an airport run last night it says " this includes $6.50 surge plus an adjustment to ensure that you receive a significant portion of the rider surge price". It ended up being $24.38 additional for a SLC to Canyons ( plus a $23 tip---thanks Doc) . Trip total was $84... seemed pretty good to me.


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It's been interesting and I'm still not sure when it ends up being the $$$ shown, or a calculated out surge for higher. I've had longer rides where it was still the $$$ shown. But this past weekend was very profitable with surge + quests. Hope it continues.