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Well, ... I've Made my Choice!

Do you have sympathy for the black cabbies?

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New Member
Was never sure which way I was going on this UBER v Black Cabbie thing.... until now.

Sunday 15th October 2017.

DLR cancelled.

Woolwich line completely closed.

AND no replacement bus service was put on.

AND the national rail train to Woolwich also wasn't operating.

I had been away. Not realised any of this was happening. It's 9pm abd I needed to go 2 DLR stops.

Black Cabbie quoted £50 after also noting that everything was off. Smiled.

NO! Didn't pay. Took a long route around with DLR and bus rather than pay him his rip off prices. Wasn't registered with UBER. Wasn't the time to figure it out and test run it. Just needed to get home.

All I know is that in the war.... Black cabbies have totally lost my support after gloating over being able to quote a rip off price.

I got home that evening. And today, the DLR is back on. But I am now firmly fixed on UBERs side.

I'll sign that bring back UBER forum tomorrow.

Black cabbies. Your taking are reducing. Your annual income down due to UBER. Well my heart bleeds about as much as yours did when I needed you.

You get what you give in this world.

Next time. Remember that when you are needed. Exploit your position and people will them exploit you. Good.

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