Weird text from pax

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Someone texted me this morning with:

"You just made me pay 5 dollars for nothing. I'm reporting you to uber."

Why would someone send me this? I didn't cancel anyone's ride. I'm pretty sure I had a pax in the car when I got the text too...

Should I be concerned?


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The text message was probably for the previous driver who canceled on the passenger. Remember they don't have your phone number and probably have the same phone number for all the drivers, like we have for all the passengers. Once they requested a new ride, it should be linked to your phone number.


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Yea bad 1 long rant before about something being unacceptable and that they were reporting me lol... I was like uhhhh ok


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It's hilarious when pax threaten to report us for something as trivial as cancelling.
Like it's supposed to scare us or something. Oh no, I'm going to get an automated email template telling me not to cancel.

Besides, I'm ruining my vehicle for 75 cents a mile and no tip. You think you can make my life any my f'n guest.


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