Weird crap happening with pings while on IAD airport que.


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Decided to give it another shot and try driving this week after not driving at all last week. I got to Dulles airport and was IN the que (around 7:15) and then I got THREE, YES 3 pings OFF airport property. Like 2 in Ashburn (17 minutes away) and 1 in Herndon (@ 15 munutes away). The shit part of it was that it then kicked me out of que WHILE it was surging at 2.0 where here I still sit waiting without surge and still at least 14 minutes. It happened to AT LEAST 4 other drivers and I know this because we were talking about it.

This is how my second week of driving Uber is going to be?!?!


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It's a test Uber does on newbies to see if you'll fall for it. Don't do it. You get flagged as 'this one will drive anywhere for a ping' by Apu.

Unless I get a dropoff at one of the airports that originated in the Rewards Zone, I wouldn't go to any of them to wait in the queue. If you live out that way, you're better off either just turning on the app as soon as you get in the car at home and drive around there (you'll probably get something going to the RZ anyway) or, if you're on the Metal Bonuses Program, set the destination filter for Ballston and head there. You'll either get a ride going there, which means it's not dead miles to the RZ, or you'll get there and get a Bonus ride when you do cross into the RZ.

I've never seen Dulles surge; like a UFO or Bigfoot, I know people have seen them but never seen one myself.

The only thing waiting at IAD/DCA soccer field and TNC lot is good for is practicing your Urdu, Pashto or Eritrean.


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it happens most of the time at cellphone lot in Dulles... There is no way to avoid it and if you go offline, u will be back on waitlist and keep waiting