Weekly report


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This uber weekly report thing doesn't make any sense because I don't see why out of 40 trips , 35 rated and 33 five stars can still end up as below average . It's why I don't take their rating system serious , it's nothing but foolishness


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I agree ... it's a BS system. And now they tell me how well I brake and how well I accelerate .... or not!!!

Why not put a tipping option on the app. Then tell me how my percentage of tip earnings compares to "top drivers"

Now that would be a report that would have some value to me as a driver. It would also offer some good insight on driver performance to uber management.


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I have fun with it. One week, my only non 5 star was a 2 star. I emailed Uber and asked then to ban that rider from ever requesting me again. Uber asked me for a trip ID. I replied that I don't have a trip ID because Uber policy forbids Uber from informing me what a rider rated me. Please ban the last rider that rated me 2 stars from ever requesting me again. They said they did.