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Weekly Report

Discussion in 'Pay' started by Smokenburn, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Smokenburn


    Earnings: $171.09
    Tips: $2.00
    Bonuses" $4.63
    Cancel Earnings: $6.00
    Express Pay Fee -$3.00

    Gas: -$75
    Car expenses/maintenance - $1,000's

    When is Uber/Lyft going to do something about the ****ing tips? This is costing me money. Gas is $3/gallon. You can't make enough to pay for gas. Ride sharing is a scam. Until this industry is (re)regulated it's costing the drivers money. The white suburb customers are the worst... they don't tip, they are entitled, assuming, abusive, patronizing, and think they are better than everyone. Why is this acceptable?
  2. If that's your numbers, i would rather park at home and watch netflix than do that for that crap pay.

    I'm afraid to ask how many hours you spent to make that $100 after gas.

    I'm not surprised at all to see those numbers, it's a said messed up system for many of the second rate markets. *yup that sounds like Atlanta to me*

    You should be able to make decent money in Atlanta.

    It's not like there isn't any busines either, the crap rates are crippling those who are trying to make it work.

    I mean honestly.. Netflix...

    Based on my math you'd be up vs doing uber.

    Right now i have a few hours to kill, i could easily be in the tourist area in 30 minutes taking pings, but I'm not, cause the pay is crap.
  3. JimKE


    How many hours were you online and available for rides?

    How many rideshare related miles did you put on your car?
    • dead miles
    • trolling miles
    • driving to pickups
    • actual loaded miles
    • ALL miles related to Uber
    How in the Hell did you spend $75 on gas driving for $180???

    Hint: if you were online more than 12 hours or drove more than about 175 miles, you screwed yourself.

    Uber didn't screw you -- that's self-inflicted.
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  4. Well, he realizes he isn't making money, which is the best situation he can be in, as apposed to denial.
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  5. FormerTaxiDriver♧


    This is in Atlanta? You don't know what you're doing.

    We have drivers in my market that go down there and work, and say they make better money.
  6. Smokenburn


    It's summer and it's slow. Regardless, Uber is worse than a sweatshop. Atleast you make money at a sweatshop. If you think you are making money you aren't. It's a scam. After gas, insurance, phone bill, tires, oil changes, repairs... you are in the red. It was a scam 2-3 years ago when people were making ~some~ money at $1/mile and 20% commission. It's now 60 cents per mile and 30-50+% commission, almost no tips, and limited surge that is designed to herd you like a desperate tool while they treat you like garbage at best. The problem is A) the gov't allowing this B) society being a part of it C) drivers need to stop doing it now.

    No one should be using the "service", but if you do tip the driver. If you don't you're condoning slavery.
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  7. You aren't making money and it's the government's fault? Interesting perspective
  8. So, so true.
  9. clayinaustin


    Austin, TX
    Last week in Austin:
    Earnings $631
    Trip Earnings $523
    Toll $6
    Tip $102

    73 trips, 30 hours

    It's called a side "hustle", not a side "sit on your ass and hope for money." You gotta work hard for those tips! :)

    PS - I made $130 on Lyft during the same week.
  10. Scott.Sul


    A) The primary problem is... Why are YOU allowing this. It is NOT the goverment's job to take care of you... it's YOUR job to take care of yourself.

    B) It is not societies fault that a company is finally offering low-cost taxi rides. It is about time someone created competition for an outdated and overpriced taxi market.

    C) Why are you not taking your own advise? You've been complaining about this for TWO YEARS!!!

    D) It is NOT the "white suburb customers" who are entitled... it's the drivers who think they should be given tips without earning it. You don't like to pay? QUIT and stop complaining about it.

    E) YOU began driving when Uber said "tipping not necessary". Now you are calling pax who don't tip "entitled".

    F) YOU calling out "white" suburb customers is very revealing about who you are... your post history confirms... https://uberpeople.net/threads/this-job-is-making-me-racist.158193/#post-2355541

    G) Not sure what your definition of "slavery" is but I don't think it should refer to someone who has the freedom to live wherever they want, change jobs when they want, quit jobs if it's too hard for them. I don't think pax believe drivers are in "total submission to a dominating influence".
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