Weekend shenanigans and Chupa-Chups


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Greetings fellow Uberistas,

I hope you are all smashing goals this weekend and yet getting some personal time with family as well :smiles:

1. The train strike - LOL, half of Melbourne chucked a sickie and declared a long weekend. I got 1 fare in 2 hours. The "Thank You" email from Uber was nice but was missing the part about getting a bonus har har.

2. I picked up an employee of Uber's Melbourne office last night. One of the casuals that signs on new drivers. Very friendly & kind. She told me that charging & AUX cables can be gotten for free from the office. I asked her if she gets free Uber credits and she snorted and said "Haha that's wishful thinking!" :smiles:

3. I dunno about you guys but Saturday night was rather slow for me (Although I am sure Beep Beep Barina made $500 per hour as always). Hoping to pick up some good Sunday fares once I complete my morning routine at around 13:00 :smiles:

4. I am grateful to those geniuses who recommended I offer my riders Chupa-Chups. Rider reactions range from simply happy to totally ecstatic. My rating is rising, and I have currently got 5.0 stars for the last 7 days! Here's one example: I picked up 2 young ladies on their way home from dinner. They talked about being a bit disappointed with the meal they had just had. When offered the lollipops they literally squealed with delight, reminisced about lollipops as kids, discussed their favourite flavours, then one enthusiastically told me "we just spent $150 on dinner and your chupa-chups are the highlight of the evening".

5. I have been quite selective of fares lately - I've not accepted any riders below 4.5, and I am looking at location as well. If I am unsure about the rider's location, I accept and then get a clear view using the app navigation. If I can see that it will be a very complex drive to get to the rider, I cancel->Do not charge rider.
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uberistas in the place that is obsession with baristas(haha)... i had very busy last three days with the sunday toping the cake as fathers day was a boom for moa.
i must agree that friday was day as usual the only thing wich saved me was couple of freak long trips that had to do nothing with the strike....
with saturdays the mornings are great and thats the go...nites i stopped doing them long time ago...
with the trips pick them up dispate the rating there is nothing u can do if some of the drivers were pissed off that the far was not to airport and u will be pleased to learn that those bloody ratings mean nothing in end of the day...