Weekend quest


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18 for $25

During the week I had 15 for $70. Plus $40 Tuesday am quest. $110 in incentives for 15 rides

I guess I'll be Uber free this weekend :rolleyes:


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Nice , my Tuesday Am quest never came through even though Uber texted me about it lol got a Friday pm quest also $40 8 rides 4-7 might have to use DF to get that done


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18 for $25. I guess this is my punishment for doing the 15 for $55 quest this week.
I have the same for the week, but wasn't chasing it, got only two ORD trips from today. So for the weekend they sent me 18 for $35. To make it up for this sucky incentive Uber added Friday afternoon quest 8 for $40 or 5 for $20 from 4pm to 6pm...in best case scenario I could make up to $75 weekend promotion for 18 trips. But 8 trips in 3 hours is quite a challenge during the rush hour.


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55 for $120 and 1.9x boost. How do you guys get these lower level quests and the ones for a specific day and set hours?