Weekend in Wichita


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Seems like people were wondering about Wichita rideshare so here's my story.
I split time between Austin and the thriving metropolis of Liberal, Kansas. I kept my Uber account open in Texas but switched my Lyft account to Kansas. Last weekend I figured I would drive over to Wichita to try to make some money and/or (if things were super slow) spend the weekend in a city that actually has a mall and a first-run movie theater.
I arrived in Wichita around 4 p.m. Friday. I probably should have headed straight to the airport (the queue was empty) but I checked into my hotel instead. (I had enough Marriott points for a free night, so that worked to my advantage.)
Friday night was OK with me making $97 from 13 trips. Thankfully people tipped fairly well ($25) or I would have been under $80 for the evening. I also discovered that Wichita Lyft doesn't have a minimum fare like Austin does ($3.20). I was worried about not getting any trips so I actually did Uber Eats (I'm OK to deliver for Uber in Kansas but not drive -- go figure) and that was a total waste of my time. Four deliveries for $22. The Chinese restaurant screwed up the last guy's order, too.
Saturday I drove from 3 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. That was a better day, with 18 rides netting $164.08. I wasted about three hours at the airport -- started six in queue.
Old Town in downtown Wichita was pretty busy and not too difficult to negotiate despite the construction. I was really surprised that there wasn't more business generated around Wichita State University.
Anyway, that was my weekend in Wichita. I hope the info helps.