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Weekdays at the airport in charleston

Discussion in 'Charleston' started by don huskey, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Is there anyone who parks in spends their weekdays at the Charleston International Airport, and if so how's it working out for you? Ie how many rides are you getting an hour
  2. I haven't tried it just because people have told me about waiting 2 hours or more for a $20 fare.
  3. outback


    charleston sc
    Long waits for long rides. You get to meet other drivers in the parking lot.
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  4. Old Swiss

    Old Swiss

    Mount Pleasant, SC
    It's been a couple years since this thread started. Here's my take regarding waiting at the Charleston airport. I'd like to hear additional opinions.

    I don't get into the cue if I've arrived with a rider until I pull into the waiting lot. Typically I see 21-30 cars in the cue. On afternoons when 3-4 flights are expected within the hour I'm still waiting up to an hour for a rider. Fares to downtown are $12-$15. I've decided that it's no longer worth the wait unless fewer than 10 cars are in the cue. It's better to exit the cue and find another rider. Even if I have to return to downtown (a 15 minute drive) I will always get another rider before I would get one at the airport.

    If you typically wait at the airport during the afternoons, I'd like to understand why. What am I missing?

    Thanks for your input.

    One thing that is working, however, is getting back into the cue after a short trip. This happened to me yesterday. I had a rider to near Park Circle in N. Charleston and the fare was only $6. I returned to the airport waiting lot and was in position 1-10. Before I even pulled into a parking spot I received notice of a rider for me. This one went downtown.

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