Weekday Quest....?

Fast Times @ UBER

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43 @ $55. Don’t they realize I am now DF before work, lunch time, and after work type driver? I’m only good for about 15 rides Mon-Thur.

Will be cherry picking any surge and playing the pool cancel.
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Yes. I still got their boost areas.
I still have the boost areas for Uber as well.


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If you plan to do the quest,
Work with Via app...

You should make average $20 per hour


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I always make 20/hr min on uber/lyft. Actually half my nights are 22-25/hr, 28 with quest

Altho ppl need to stop looking at per hour and look at per day. Some hours i pull 15 and others ill pull 40. When i get home i keep the app on by accident and go through my phone. I also keep it on through 66 an i rarely get pings on that road. All of that contributes to time online but i'm not working. Money made = the moment i decide to pickup rides to the moment i'm like "im done" but i still keep it on sometimes while driving home