This is the first week I have received no boost or incentive on my account. I have been gold for the last 4 weeks. This happen to anyone else? Only did 20 trips last week. It's not worth driving regular X.


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You can still make money, you just have tobe patient and learn how to strategize through playing the surge. I suggest practicing now because then it will give you a leg on others who won't know to survive once the incentives stop.

Here's proof that it can be done and that it still surges. These are weeks when I had really low incentives so I just played the surge instead and made more surging it than on boost....

At the end of the day it's what you make it. The sooner you learn to drive smarter the better off you'll be in the long run because once these incentives end which I.heard is by the end of this month a lot of people will be quitting while I coast..... Screenshot_2016-08-04-14-12-06.png Screenshot_2016-08-04-14-11-04.png
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Yeah no email or anything. This will be the first week I have received NO incentives. Screwed.


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Check inapp

Mine (OC hourlies) only show up inapp, first sometime thursday - regarding friday daytime 3-7pm, then, judging by last week, it starts showing more and more for rest of weekend