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Waze option is missing from old version of uber app


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I did a reinstall of the uber driver app this morning and the Waze option is missing.

I even downloaded version 3.161, which is from January, and still no Waze.

Does anyone know anything about this?



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Sometimes Uber driver app doesn't pick out Waze.
Clear data on both Waze and driver app and see of it picks up.
If not clear data on driver app, levave it be then uninstall reinstall Waze.
Sign into Uber driver app and it should pick up Waze


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Got out of hell for the 2nd time.

I owe you a shot at the next meet up
So here's my situation... I know it's a faux pas to jayjay yourself but this one is kinda required.

Uber is rolling out the new app based on your account not your app version. Even with the older app, it will revert back to the new app once I'm offline.

Long story short there's no purgatory in Uber. Once you're condemned to hell you're there forever.
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