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Waze Navigation disconnects from the Uber driver side application

Tim Cool

New Member
I am experiencing an issue with Waze in the Uber app, and would like to know if anyone else has had similar issues. I’m seeking a solution.

What happens is when I get a ping, there is a 50/50 chance that when I press the navigation buttion, it launchs the Waze application, to provide me directions to my pick up location. When this happens I scramble to manually put in the destination from the Uber app. This is especially difficult in a Pool ride scenario.

I use an iPhone with the latest s/w update. I tried deleting the Uber app multiple times and reloading it. I have also reloaded Waze app multiple times. I have done a hard reset on the phone, no success with any of that. Has anyone seen this issue? Please advise- thanks.


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Switch to Google as your preferred nav in settings until you get it figured out.

Do you have that option on the iPhone?


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Now is a good time...

To order your Iphone 10...

I heard its only $999...

And the promise of you firstborn...

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In using Android, I've found that the hand off is not immediate. I have to wait probably up to 10 seconds BEFORE pressing 'Navigate'. YMMV. The problem with this approach has been that Uber Nav will default to the North and screw me up every time. I start going south when I should be going north. Uber Nav wouldn't be that bad if they had static settings. Until then I stay the f*** away.
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