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It's so absurd to me that evvvvvery day, TWICE daily, there are ads from Uber on Craigslist for drivers (and not from drivers w promo codes). I am on there to try to find a full time job and it's so annoying to see their posts while I'm making $28 after 5 hours on some weekdays!

There are SO many drivers, it's not even worth the gas, time and wear and tear to go out anymore.

Totally stinks. And I'm totally just venting to all. Thanks for listening.


New Member
We need competent drivers with clean driving records at papa johns. I gave up on uber after trying it out for a week. Also self driving cars and ubers other brilliant ideas like uber pool and flooding the roads with drivers are going to make it much harder as it continues.

Uber Roanoke Robert

Well-Known Member
I went yesterday for the day, stayed busy. After my CPA said if I went for a day, weekend or week as long as I drive over 4 hrs per day, my mileage, motel anf food were deductible, I'm considering going more. I have a week vacation from my main job coming up, maybe it will be a working vacation.

Mr. Affinito

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That's amazing. I had some days off this week, so I aimed for the bonus offers I got from Lyft and Uber. Should be a little over $700.

Lyft's Offer: 250 dollars for 10 rides
Uber's Offer: my fares + 100 if I do 10 rides