Water Spout off Madeira Beach


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Got a paid day off tommorow, tempted to see how busy it gets tonight and maybe tommorow morning to steal fares from the newbies, or sit at home and drink beer.


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I vote for beer. Just came from out in that mess and so many streets are flooded I got cancelled on because it was taking too long to get there. And it was suppose to be a 5 min pickup. Plus I think we were under a squall, rain was going side ways.

But I'm sure surges are going to be good, cause a lot of us are not going back out till its just regular rain.


I drove during the bad storm in June(?), thought it'd be a big $$$ day... Nope, canceled rides, soaked people in my car, and extended trips to get people because of flooding. Don't even get me started on the muddy trailer park pickups... And as usual, I cleared around $10/hr. Totally not worth it. Hope these other guys have better luck!


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I stayed home the last few days. I'm not driving in this crap, period. It's just not worth it to take that kind of risk with my vehicle, and looking at the Uber app for riders, there was nobody on the road.


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Might be raining fish later !


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Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a day. Rain fish and the whole place smells like Uber!