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I definitely agree with her argument that Uber is disingenuous with how they portray the income potential (its all in the assumptions and what is or is not included) and I'm glad someone is putting it out there. However, I don't find this cost analysis particularly relevant to a part-time driver situation, which most of us are, and the fact that we spread these costs across both personal and rideshare use. Hey, no one is getting rich but I don't see it as dire as she portrays it. "Replace my car every 2 to 3 years". What? I also think its a flawed assumption to use the IRS deduction amount as a proxy for my actual costs (24 cents/mi for depreciation? So, a $24,000 car is completely worthless after 100,000 miles?). I'm glad I get to use that amount for my tax deduction, but in no way do I believe that is what it costs me to operate my car. And, with guarantees adding more than another 30% to my net right now her analysis just doesn't equate for me. Sure, when guarantees go away and if we're still on this rate structure, you won't find me Ubering any longer.


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They're also doubling up on several items. The IRS numbers are supposed to cover depreciation, maintenance & fuel, but they count each of them separately... And what's this about sales tax? Don't know about California, but I'd be skeptical that it applies. You have income tax at your bracket, but that's after all other expenses are taken out...


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only idiots argue like the women ... buy new car after 2-3 years... good joke ... i always say buy cheap but good car ( cheap in repair ) .... you cannot make any profit if you use expansive equipment and work for pennies....
i calculate my car for 3 years , all cost , buy , repair , oil , tires .... is about 50-60 $ per week
last one make me nice suprise becose i was using it for 5 years not 3 , will see how long i can use this one...
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