Watch out for white Camry's.


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Everytime I see a (usually white) Camry being driven like an idiot, it appears by the telltale sign of the Uber app on the winds colouredcreen that the driver is working for Uber. It seems the white taxi falcons have been replaced by white Uber Camry's as the menace on the road.

Where do these white Camry's come from? I assume a rental company loosely affiliated with Uber.
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Or when they do a u turn on Elizabeth st at 7pm on a fri night and get busted by copper on a bike !!! Lol


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wow! I can't believe you guys notice this car. Are they one of us Uber driver? I've been driving alot around the city and never seen it before. Only taxis who gave me death stares everytime when i pass them lol


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And what's with the GPS unit and smart phone being set almost in front of the driver in the direct line of sight...
Not in the uber white Camry, but in lots of other Ubers and taxis...