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Was offered sex and drugs last night


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After not driving for months I went out and it was a complete waste of time....made $51.23 11-2:30...I had a fat white chick offer me a "favor" then the next trip some bros tried selling me some crack! Yes!!! Not weed or coke but crack!!!! Uber is the new light rail...straight ghetto!!!


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Yup. I've been taken on a drug deal once. That was one thing that contributed to me quitting (insurance issue #1 depressciation #2 dangerous #3). Rates are too low you will not earn enough for repairs and cracheads can afford to take Uber now. I on the other hand, have no desire to "go back". Fun times!

Feisal Mo

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I missed Driving for Uber...im lurking around just in case the rates goes up to the good ol days where you can at least make some decent money otherwise you're driving for crackheads for minimum wages....LOL.


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It just gets you to 'well known member' status. Possibly other users will look highly upon you because of the title?

I usually look at both the status and join date

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