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Was fun while it lasted, but

Discussion in 'UberEATS' started by GruveRecords, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. This hustle is officially done in South Florida. Way too many drivers and no more snowbirds.

    Worst weekend I've ever had..It's been 20-30 minutes between pings and I've done more McDonald's orders than I want to admit.

    Today: 5 hours = $38
    Yesterday: 7 hours = $80 - If it weren't for a couple of good tips and one $10 run to save me it would have been a complete waste.

    The deflating factor here is the 20 minutes or more between requests. It's gonna be a loooonnng summer in South Florida.
  2. uberboy1212


    Have you tried signing up for GH? My friend in FT Lauderdale says hes been doing really well with GH. He barely does UE anymore
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  3. Yeah I've tried many times but they never have any openings. Gonna give DoorDash a try though I think. Been starting to notice their sticker on restaurants that I frequent, so that's something.
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  4. uberboy1212


    Nice I actually prefer DD over GH in my area. Hopefully they’re giving out bonuses there. I’ll be on both a lot more now that’s UE cut pay.
  5. johnx


    Going to be a monster crush of tourists later in the season. Everyone is working OT right now. Atlanta Fed is predicting a 4.8% GDP second quarter growth. Which means 3rd quarter will be massive. But right now youre competing with all the Venezuelans fleeing a failing socialist govt. As well as Puerto Ricans that can't get their electricity turned on. Plus Cubans, Haitians, etc. Will turn later in the year.

    Consider doing something else till then.
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  6. doggerel


    new jersey
    About 8 years ago I inherited some money, just got married, had a child on the way and moved to Florida. Deerfield Beach, right next to Boca, a block from the beach. Knowing nothing about Florida. Just drove the f*** down and replanted myself after shuffling between motel rooms. Was optimistic. Full of hope. And I made some friends immediately. Seems that everybody hung out and was friendly enough. But summer was starting...

    Thought to maybe look for a job because funds were running low. I applied everywhere. I expected to have a job within a week or two, just like back home in New Jersey.

    After about 5 weeks pass, I ask a hiring manager straight to his face what the hell is going on. I'm qualified. Have experience. But can't even get a flare up.

    He leans back in his chair, bellows out in laughter and tells me I am crazy for thinking I can get a job here in Summer. That all the snowbirds go home and the state shuts down. Says he receives 25 just like me a week.

    So yeah. You live in Florida, though. How don't you know this already?
  7. I do know this and expected it. UberEats is only a side hustle for me as I have my own online business.

    But, the funny thing is noticing just how many bored drivers there are on the map. It's really sad. The driver saturation was really bad all winter, even in March/April. Now, I can't fathom what all of these guys are going to do once reality sinks in.
  8. Work off doordash & ubereats at the same time that's your best bet.. get order from one turn off the other app rinse and repeat..
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  9. I have been doing that with Postmates, but PM is slowly is dying off here.
  10. So you are a quitter. Got it.
  11. WildflowerRunner


    I did UberEats and GH today, and my total came to $40. Now, to be fair, I was only working for about 5 hours today, I'm very part time on this. UberEats this week hasn't been worth my time, I've spent an awful long time just sitting in parking lots playing with my phone. GH has been slightly better, but my time on that is restrained because of the insane amount of traffic in my region and my lack of knowledge of the region they gave me. So, I signed up for DoorDash. I figure with three apps running, I might be able to do something. I just got my OK today for DoorDash, so haven't tried it out yet.
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  12. Cool story brahhhh
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  13. Ihtz_Ali


    Uber Eats has been slowly declining in the past few weeks, long wait, app crashing & only 2 pings an hour in the NYC market. Hopefully this summer gets going, signs are looking unlikely.
  14. CahalM


    Mesa, AZ
    I am going to the Door Dash orientation tomorrow. It's probably besy to not put all my eggs in one basket!
  15. You have to do orientation they just mailed me a hot bag and a red card in the mail and I started driving

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