Warp Tour pick up Auburn Hills


I have been Ubering for 3 weeks. My second weekend was picking up a Pax from the Palace of Auburn Hills. It was 94 degrees out and the security told me where I was allowed to park. Both passengers got in. A younger couple. She immediatley started laying into me. Threatening me with one star. Calling me everything but a child of God for "making them walk" to the Uber. It was surge so I did not think to cancel them right there on the spot. So the ride begins. I ask the secuity on the way out if I was allowed to go further into the facility. No she replied. This made the female passenger even more mad. F bombs everywhere. Basically being absurdly abusive to me inside my own car. It was a $5 fare in the end. She slammed my door. If it happened again I would kick her out so fast while I could still cancel the ride. By far my worst Uber experience.


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Never ever start the trip if you think ithat starts like that. It will not get better. Imagine putting up with her for 90 minutes....


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warped tour had a deal with lyft at the Palace they wanted all pickups in one area (12A), even though the concert stages were quite far from that area. Plus it was 100 degrees.

Tim In Cleveland

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It was surge so I did not think to cancel them right there on the spot.
I put up with more during surges too. I picked 2 pax up last Saturday night from a pizza shop and as they walked up, I could see that they had bought slices and had them on paper plates "Cancel!" was my thought as it's the only way to protect your seats, but it was a rare 4x surge so I drove them. Sure enough, pepperoni and napkins on the floor after they left, but the fare made it worth it.