WARNING: NEW UBER CONTRACT (Opt out of arbitration)


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Had to agree to a new contract today. Looks like it replaces the 2015 contract.

Make sure you opt out of arbitration.


If I have time I’ll look for any noticeable differences between the two and report back.

Dammit Mazzacane

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This is a copy paste off of https://uberpeople.net/threads/uber...t-november-25-2019.364330/page-6#post-5628608

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Note this one: It's a whole new contract:

14. Existing Agreements. This Section 14 only applies if you were party to a 2015

Agreement effective immediately prior to the Effective Time:

14.1 2015 Agreement. Except as provided in Section 15 below, you and the

applicable Uber Subsidiary hereby terminate such 2015 Agreement (except

as provided in Section 12.3 of the 2015 Agreement), effective as of the

Effective Time (the "2015 Termination"). The parties further agree to waive

any applicable notice requirements with respect to the 2015 Termination.

14.2 Continuing Agreements. Notwithstanding the 2015 Termination, you hereby

(a) ratify, assume and confirm your obligations under any Existing

Supplemental Terms or Existing City Addenda and (b) acknowledge and agree

that as of the Effective Time such Existing Supplemental Terms and Existing

City Addenda are Supplemental Terms or City Addenda, as applicable, under

this Agreement. The Company hereby ratifies, assumes and confirms its

obligations under such agreements.
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HOW DOES THE TEXT REALLY COMPARE ? There's an app for that, sort of: https://www.diffnow.com/

Plug in this URL: https://uber-regulatory-documents.s3.amazonaws.com/country/united_states/p2p/RASIER Technology Services Agreement December 10 2015.pdf
and compare to this URL: https://assets.documentcloud.org/do...Technology-Services-Agreement-November-25.pdf
...using that comparison tool. Although, the text comparison tool limits out to the first 16 or so contract clauses, not the whole thing, without purchasing the app.